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“Back to basics” trend has started to pick up. Home agriculture has become as popular as pop culture (the gut feeling intensifies if you watch german tvs – growing food in your garden is for some reason extremely popular with germans).


So i decided to give it a try and check out my balcony agricultural capacity. I was on the lookout for something easy to grow and that’s how i came up with beans (i am more a tomato fan but tomatoes are really demanding). So that’s the result of about 2 months watering and sunshine:

You need to stretch ropes from the pot as beans loves climbing.

beans (2)


beans (3)


That’s a rewarding feeling.

beans (4)


Not much but it makes great pleasure to eat what you grew be it tiny. From a standard pot, you can get out three batches as the one below


beans (1)


So at the end of the day, growing food on the balcony doesn’t really solve your nutrition needs but i assure you it is a very awesome feeling to watch things grow and then hold what you produced and eventually eat it.

Well Being

The Sicilian

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the sicilian

Even though this movie is rated 5.3/10 on IMDB, it is worth every minute of the 3 hours that you are going to “lose”. It is based on “The Sicilian” by Mario Puzo. Plot is not super original (as you can tell from the name, it is about Sicily, mafia, church, gangsters, poorness, hard life, justice etc.), but the way the story is told and the actor play are one of the best i have seen.