Woman on the other shore

Woman on the other shoreWoman on the other shore is a book about the everyday life of a 35 year old japanese woman with a 3 yr old. It is an interesting look in the everyday life of japanese women with all their confusions, aspirations, limitations and prejudice.
From that book i understood that japanese women are very isolated, the society has strong prejudices about what a woman should do and how she should behave, especially the married ones with kids. I learned that the mother in law is a bully for the wife also in Japan and that the husbands often discourage  women to make career but rather be housewives and raise kids. Individualism and freedom among women is more of an exception than a rule. That’s why when Sayoko (main character) meets Aoi (her employer and an independent and individual woman) that is a a bliss for her. She manages to gather self esteem and take a new course. The author manages to touch all those themes by taking us through everyday events in the life of the two in a very entertaining way.

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