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Two days to kill – the movie

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two days to kill

I must admit that i usually ignore french movies as those are usually not that good (my opinion). But when i find a good french movie it is really big. This one stands out from the crowd. Very good plot (you don’t get what is going on until the end), the story is very moving, brilliant actor play. Definitely worth seeing.

Well Being

The Sicilian

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the sicilian

Even though this movie is rated 5.3/10 on IMDB, it is worth every minute of the 3 hours that you are going to “lose”. It is based on “The Sicilian” by Mario Puzo. Plot is not super original (as you can tell from the name, it is about Sicily, mafia, church, gangsters, poorness, hard life, justice etc.), but the way the story is told and the actor play are one of the best i have seen.