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Today, the 20th of March is the¬†#InternationalDayOfHappiness, as proclaimed by UN. I don’t know for which year the Scandinavian countries are leading the list and we, Bulgarians are stuck in the bottom 20%.

Many blame the rich/poor reason but that is the consequence, not the reason. It was very well summarized on TV today that the reason for the root of scandinavian happiness is trust among people, low crime rate and work-life balance. NOT MONEY.

It is ordinary to give the key for your house to the postman in Denmark. Here it is anatema, although we don’t have many belongings to guard. We distrust everyone and everything¬†but still we become victims of the most trivial fraud and other crimes which crimes will never be resolved. So the feeling for injustice, distrust, no belonging to the whole etc is the reason for unhappiness and that leads to lack of money.

Make sense?


City of God

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city of god movie

One of the best movies i have ever watched. Super real and very well told. It is about the Brazilian ghetto in the 60-70s. It is nice to see that top movies are not produced only in Hollywood.