10 reasons why you should be cremated and turned to a tree after you die

I came across Bios Urn recently and got stunned by the idea. What they basically offer is an Urn which holds your ashes and also a plant seed so that a tree grows out of your ashes. At first it was a weird idea to digest but after it stayed with me for a while, now i think that it is genius. Here is why:
  1. You have someone plant a tree after you die and that’s a good think.
  2. You can ‘plant’ your relatives in your house’s yard so that you can be with them all the time after their death. Otherwise, how often would you visit the graveyard?
  3. When you grow in a tree, you will do good even after your death. The tree is supposed to give fruit, shadow and fresh air.
  4. People will be much more connected to the land. You will appreciate your land more when you have your relatives resting there.
  5. We solve the problem with graveyards. They require huge plots of land and are always short of it. It can get really expensive to get a spot there. We can turn graveyards into beautiful gardens with few efforts.
  6. We are thought all our lives that we should think and live out of the box and we end up in a box. Does not seem natural.
  7. You can have the right tree to mirror your personality. Ending up in a grave is so uniform.
  8. Turning yourself into tree is so natural. They breath what we exhale and we breath what they exhale. Indians believed that people’s spirits lived in trees so they venerated them.
  9. You cut church from the funeral monopoly. I really don’t think that something so personal as a funeral should be carried out by stranger priest.
  10. You can get the tree around if you move but it is hard to have someone exhumed and moved to another place.

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