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smg-alumni.com is live

Just released one of my projects live – the portal for Sofia High School of Mathematics’ alumni . I developped that as an open source projects and it can be found on github. The project is built for Sofia High School of Mathematics but can be used for any other school or university with minimal effort for customization.

Technological stack is MSSQL on the server side with Entity Framework as ORM, ASP.NET Web Api on the back-end and AngularJS on the front-end. The portal is feature rich and features user, amdin and super admin functionality. Superadmin may edit system settings and assign roles through the ui. Admin creates news, fundraising campaigns, resets user passwords and verifies registered users (this may be used or not). On the user part, there is a section for news, fundraising campaigns, search (by year and class division so far) , forum and account management. Most pages are available for not logged in users, except the search, the account management and in the cases when you want to create content in the forum.

Account management features account edit, forgot password and change password.

The solution is a perfect fit for shared hosting – recurring services are implemented as jobs instead of windows services. This particular site runs on shared ASP.NET hosting from ICN for about 50E per year, which is quite a deal in my opinion. Special thanks to SMG’s Director – Mr. Stoyanov for covering the first year’s expenses.

I believe that every school/uni needs alumni network site where alumni can keep in touch, help themselves, help current students and also help the school or uni.

Feel free to fork the repository and use the project freely wherever you want. If you need any assistance don’t hesitate to PM me.

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