Ivaylo Pashov Hi there! My name is Ivaylo Pashov and that’s me on the left. I am working as a .NET web  application developer in OneBit Software and currently reside in Sofia, Bulgaria. First i  studied math in high school , then went for a BA in Business Administration in AUBG and  finally i am doing M.Sc. in Distributed Systems and Mobile Technologies in Sofia  University. I seriously intended to chase a career in finance but quickly found out that  finance , in the way that is being practiced nowadays, is so fundamentally flawed. That’s  how i turned to my old passion – technologies, and more specifically software  development. I started attending courses in the Telerik Academy (academy founded by  Telerik that prepared software engineers in the .Net stack pro bono) which proved to be  great asset and made me go for software development professionally. This blog is intended  to supply useful information, tutorials and interesting cases from everyday work. Enjoy!

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