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Setup Outlook with Gmail

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Maybe that sounds easy but there are some details that made me struggle for a while so i decided it is worth sharing.

I went ahead to setup a new account on the known screen here in Outlook 2010:

Create account outlook

but i kept getting unauthorized error when trying to go ahead. Here is the trick – if you have setup two way authentication for your account, apps can’t authenticate simply with your credentials but need to be registered in your account and use a generated password. So you should come here: and register your app. As soon as you do so you will get a generated password that you should use in your Outlook client. Here are the other settings:

Pop3 server:
Use SSL: Yes
Port: 995

SMTP server:
Use Authentication: Yes
Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587
Port for SSL: 465

Server timeout: 5 mins instead of the default 1