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Handy Skype commands

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I have been using Skype like forever – my user name is ivopashov2006 so you can guess by the name that this makes up about 10 yrs at the time of this writing – but only recently i found out about skype commands, some of which are so handy. Skype commands are meant to serve as utilities or give you some conversation meta data straight by typing the command in the chat area and hitting enter – same as if you were chatting. So those are the ones in my favorites list:

  • /alerstoff – this one stops skype icon in the toolbar flashing when you have new messages in a particular chat group even though you might be in available status. I stay pretty much in available status but i don’t want to get distracted by some funny chats that i am in
  • /alertson [text] – this one takes an optional parameter. If used without parameter, that nullifies the above command and you get all the notifications. However, if used with parameter, that allows you to get notified by specific words. So /alertson food will notify you only if someone mentions food.
  • /remotelogout – that is valid only for cloud based chats (most are like that) and signs you out from all other instances that you are logged in except the current one. I use this to double check if i signed out from the office skype without touching the remote desktop.
  • /add [skypename] – super easy way to add someone to the chat if you know the username
  • /leave – drop off from a conversation
  • /showmembers – this is handy for group chats – it shows all members in the chat with their roles
  • /get role – gets you role in the chat
  • /help – this is pretty much self explanatory

There are of course some more but these are the ones that you will probably be using 90% of the time – for the rest refer to /help.