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Is everything made yet?

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Sometimes i hear people saying that there is not much room for innovation as pretty much everything is being invented already in one form or another. Bad excuse.

I’ve been a bitcoin believer for quite a while now. Bitcoin in my opinion is THE innovation of the first decade of the 21-st century. However, is the bitcoin idea radically new? Not at all. If you take a look at Satoshi Nakamoto’s (a pseudonym for the bitcoin founder(s)) paper that introduced the bitcoin protocol in 2008 to the world, you will see that the references are at least 10 years old. Further, if you visit the first reference (very understandable and short read), you will see that bitcoin was conceived at least in year 1998. The ideas that bitcoin consists of as cryptography, distributed networks and so on, date further back.

The reason i am saying this is that you don’t have to invent the wheel to be an inventor. You can:
– apply an old idea in practice
– combine old ideas in an ingenious way
– make an old thing better
– market a good idea in an innovative way
– see an innovative application of an idea or a thing
– make more with less

and so on…

I am sure the list can go forever. What is hard is to believe that everyone can be an inventor and adopt that state of mind.